#DidiReviews: Smart’s World Travel wifi


Doing this review based on my experience of the end to end process of renting this device.

Whenever I go to Japan or Korea, I usually rent a local wifi device at the airport. It works for me – easy access to rent and rate is cheaper vs if I use mobile roaming.

During a recent trip to Japan, I decided to try out Smart’s world travel wifi to check if it’s a better alternative.

A. Renting the device

Booking is available online. You just have to fill up the form and provide your credit card details (since I’m not a Smart subscriber). I booked the device rental a couple of weeks before the trip cos it says in the website you need to book 3 days before you actual departure. Please note that your credit card will get charged immediately.

Breakdown of bill:

  • 6 days rental fee – Php 2,340
  • delivery/pick up fee – Php 0
  • Service fee – Php 117.29
  • Deposit fee – Php 4,000
  • TOTAL charged to CC – Php 6,457.29

B. Delivery

The device was delivered 2 days before departure.


C. Usage

Upon arriving in Japan, I turned on the device, follow the instructions on the booklet, and after a few minutes, wifi connection was established. I have no issue with the speed. It will not last you a whole day though.



D. Pick-up

According to the website, the courier will pick up the device the day after you arrive. Guess what? I arrived back in Manila on May 29. Nobody picked it up on May 30 or during the week of my arrival. I called Smart twice – June 9 and June 19 to follow up on the pick-up. The device was picked up only last June 20, 15 working days after my arrival!

E. Security deposit Refund

As of writing, the security deposit is not yet refunded. According to the CSR I talked to last June 19, it will take 30 banking days before I get my refund in my credit card. o_O


  • If you are traveling to JP or KR or other countries where you can rent a mobile wifi device, please rent at the airport. It is less expensive than mobile roaming, convenient to rent and return the device, and your credit card gets charged after you return the device.
  • I will not rent the smart world travel wifi again in the future cos the pick-up & refund process had stressed me out.