#DidiDeclutters: Clothes

I was not busy so I decided to declutter again. I did Konmari last year and because of that, it made me appreciate the things that I own. I’m still a work in progress but I’d like to believe I’m getting there. ^^;;

Clothes are easy to konmari since I don’t have a strong affinity with my clothes, lol. I only retained those who bring me joy, are still in great condition, and those that fit me.


My main closet:



My 2nd closet: (I do capsule wardrobe every 3 months so those that I don’t use go to this closet.)



Winter clothes go to this plastic container:



Clothes for donation: (These are the clothes I haven’t worn in 1 year, after I did konmari.)


I’m happy with my small wardrobe. It’s true what they say. It’s easier to get dressed in the mornings. ^^