#DidiDeclutters: CDs/DVDs

I used to save my files on CDs (DVDs after a few years). Year 2003-700MB/CD. Year 2007-4.1GB/DVD. During the height of my fangirl life, I download and save all video files of my favorite groups. Hello clubbox. Hahaha ^^

Case in point:


I went thru each CD/DVD one by one and dispose anything non-JJ related. Lol.

The picture above is what I have disposed already.

Dear CDs/DVDs, thank you for making my fangirl days worthwhile & memorable. But since I won’t be able to use you anymore, I need to throw you away. 

I was regretting buying these blank CDs (costs a lot of money) but I stopped that thought since at one point in my life, these CDs/DVDs made me happy. ^^